The Bizon offers a wide range of quality drinks.

Amongst them of course the famous
Belgian beers which include:

some specific "Trappists" and
the "better" Geuze and Kriek from
Girardin & Cantillon.

Besides that, there's the internationaly acclaimed Guinness on draft

In the shot glass area you can find:

a wild mixture of fruit flavored
"jenevers" (20 in total),

Bizon Vodka and other's.

Don't leave without trying the special
house cocktail "Bizon blood"...

If you dare...

BIZON BLOOD is good for you!!!

Only € 5,-- Don't hurt your head...

Oh... and actually, we should admit that we have a rather respectful choise of non-alcoholic beverages as well... like a variety of Looza fruit juices amongst other classics.
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