Bizon - The Live Sessions CD
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Recordings of the original Bizon Blues Jam.

The Live Sessions CD is a tribute to the unique sound and fascinating artistic scene that developed out of Café Bizon's Monday Night Blues Jam Sessions.

Producers Arne Labeeuw and Roman Madrolle organized and recorded a 5-hour musical marathon staging 10 jam hosts and over 20 musicians from the Brussels scene and beyond.
The resulting compilation album accurately showcases the true Bizon-style of the diverse group of artists that performed on that magical evening.
This remarkable team effort was fully supported by the café who now stages two regular live shows per week.
Aside from the authenticity of its proposed performances, the album is a great way to take a little piece of the now-cult venue that the Bizon has become home with you.

The CD is also availble for purchase at the bar.
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