The Bizon is one of the most amazing bars in the Western hemisphere. From the moment you enter the bar your breath will be taken away when you get absorbed in an amazing atmosphere of blues, booze and entertainment.

Real barmen, that still know how a good Belgian beer should be poured, blend their specific personalities with the diversity of the crowd; numerous people from all over the world, of all classes... and of all ages.

Still, the bar isn't an anonymous melting pot, but characterizes itself by it's casual feel and it's comforting environment. It's not for nothing that a lot of people can't help but calling this bar their "living room".

There are live performances on a regular base, with a variety of local and international blues artist, playing covers, originals or everything together at the weekly jam.
To remember that you're still in a bar, there's a wide range of drinks available, varying from Belgian and international beers, over a wild mixture of fruit flavored "jenevers", to the special house cocktail the "Bizon blood".

The latter will hammer you straight into the wonders of the Bizon blues.
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